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If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14 


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What Faith-Based Leaders Are Saying About COVID-19

Bishop Jakes shares about Christ and the Coronavirus

Joel and Victoria Osteen shares words of encouragement about Coronavirus

Dr. Tony Evans' talks about what on earth is going on?

Pastor Craig Groeschel teaches us how not to be afraid of the Coronavirus

Pastor Bill Winston reminds us about God's protection for His people during this Coronavirus

Jessie Duplantis share what's behind the Coronavirus

Pastor Michael Todd wants us to be more contagious about God and our faith than the Coronavirus

Dr. Cindy Trimm talks about COVID-19

Dr. David Jeremiah teaches us that in the face of this Coronavirus, God will sustain us

Joseph Prince shares 5 truths to outlast the Coronavirus outbreak

Greg Laurie teaches on how to think right about the Coronavirus outbreak

Andrew Womack shares biblical truths how to live through the Coronavirus pandemic

Ebook Available Now!

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God's Response to the Coronavirus Book C
God's Response to the Coronavirus Book C
God's Response to the Coronavirus Book C
God's Response to the Coronavirus Book C
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Available now in ebook format

What is discussed in this book?

  • What In The World Is Going On? 


  • Is Coronavirus A Curse From God?     

  • Is There A Cause?                             


  • Are You In Faith or In Fear?               


  • Is There a Balm In Gilead?               


  • For The Sake Of Zion                     

Mother's Day Weekend Special LineUp

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Jabez Apostolic Prayer Center is

happy to be joining forces to support the One God, One People, One Voice Prayer Initiative. Join our Facebook group, so we can support your upcoming prayer endeavors as well. Also, we offer 24/7 prayer coverage for your prayer needs.

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Facebook Live Interviews


Governmental Prayer Warrior, Attorney Faith Johnson talks about the Coronavirus, the Church & Criminal Justice System

Global Ambassador, Dr. Pat Bailey Giving Us A Biblical Worldview About COVID19.

Is the curse of the Lord in the House of Lord? Apostle Diane Washington Share insights.

 Fear No More...Let The Prophet

Speak with Prophet Pratt & Apostle Barbara McClain

Apostle Kevin Duhart Talks About The Crisis of the Church & Coronavirus.

How To Protect Your Kids From The Coronavirus

What is God saying about the Coronavirus?

Christian China Business Diplomat, Dr. Rollan Roberts Shares How Business Owners Can Survive COVID-19

Medical Doctor, Dr. Ellawese Smith shares how God is a healer.

Prophetess Mwaka leads prayer for the Coronavirus

Global Prayer For the Land to be Healed...NO MORE COVID-19!

Prayer For the Coronavirus

Delisa Rose, Real Estate Broker, talks about the Coronavirus

God's Response To The Coronavirus

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