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Tips To Make Your Live Stream 

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1. Enhance your set design

Most people don't think about this when they are  live streaming from home, but you need to be mindful of your background when broadcasting live. Here are some things to consider:

  • Background: Make sure your background is free of clutter, noise or any other items that might be distracting in your broadcast.

  • Add depth: Make sure your broadcast is at least 3ft from the wall if you are sitting in front of one.

  • Proper lighting: Make sure you have good lighting so your face will not look dark in the camera. Bright lighting will give depth & dimension. If you need some additional lighting, you can buy a clamp light from a local hardwood store to add light to your broadcast. You don't have to spend a lot of money to get good lighting. But if you want more, you can buy a lighting kit from Amazon.

2. Enhance your video

Many people use their webcam that comes with their device or they buy a simple one like Logitech. While you can use them, but to get better quality videos, you can purchase a low budget HD video camera (camcorder, DSLR and mirrorless). Whatever you select to buy make sure it has a HMDI outport. Also, invest in a tripod to keep your camera still during broadcasts if you are using a device like an cellphone or ipad. 

3. Enhance your mic

When most people start doing live broadcast, they usually have a bad mic sound. To enhance your sound quality you might want to buy a headset or a mic on Amazon for a nominal cost. Blue Yeti is one we will recommend, but you can purchase a USB headset mic at your local Wal-Mart store. Lastly, if you can, soundproof the room or studio. Throw some soft pillars around on the floor or in a chair to absorb the vibrations.



  • Decide on a theme or topic

  • Invite your guest

  • Send guest interview questions

  • Confirm date and time with guest, emphasizing time zone

  • Schedule show on streaming platform and copy URL guest link

  • Schedule reminder emails and texts for guest; including broadcast URL link in each

  • Make sure guest have the right device, account or app to access the show

  • Write script or outline agenda

  • Decide on hashtags for broadcast

  • Create promotional flyer/graphics (overlays, postcard, thumbnail, etc)

  • Promote event (Facebook, Youtube Premiere, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin (if business related), Create Facebook Event, etc)

  • Upload promotional flyer to your website or landing page, create a button and link to your Facebook page

  • Set-up broadcast studio (Sound, Internet, Background, Overlays, etc.)

  • Make sure the studio or home where broadcasting from is clear of distracting background scenes for host and guest

  • Go Live!

  • Keep sharing and repurposing program






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