Global Prayer Initiative for COVID-19


How Should We Pray Regarding the Coronavirus?

(Taken from book, "God's Response to the Coronavirus")


1. Pray for those who have been diagnosed with the Coronavirus be healed.


2. Pray that the medical cure needed to fight off the Coronavirus will be enough for everyone.


3. Pray for those in the medical field that have to care for those who are sick with the Coronavirus that they will not catch the virus but stay healthy and strong.


4. Pray that there will be enough hospital beds, ventilators, masks and respirators available during this time.


5. Pray that America will have all the money that is needed to produce the vaccine and manufacture the medical supplies.


6. Pray that everyone that needs medical attention will be able to afford it; and that no one will be denied because of their financial situation.


7. Pray that every senior citizen or elder will not be overlooked or neglected during this time; they receive all the care they need to sustain them.


8. Pray for President Trump and his team to have supernatural wisdom and understanding as they strategize how to lead this country during the Coronavirus epidemic.


9. Pray for the business community and the economy that they would be sustained, and that people will not lose their jobs.


10. Pray that every family will have all the food and supplies they need to sustain them during this ordeal.


11. Pray that burglary, mugging, and other violent crimes cease.

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God's Response to the Coronavirus Book C
God's Response to the Coronavirus Book C
God's Response to the Coronavirus Book C

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Cindy Jacobs leading prayer for the end of the Coronavirus


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